Travelling is a matter of emotions

We are a tour operator, specialized in food & drink and experiential tourism, and we are already successfully operating on the International market. We love to combine food and traditions to offer first-hand experiences to our guests, and our journey plans often include harvests, food festivals, visits and stays in little villages where you can meet local people, walk with them and learn how to make pasta. In particular, we are launching a new line of product, a box that includes all the experiences, the hotel and the transfer, with a theme.

Furthermore, we offer individual services such as:

Tailored travel planning - Transfers - Hotel booking - Transport tickets (sea, bus, trains, local transport) - Museums and attractions reservations -Touristic guides - Information and assistance for your journey.

Our travel proposals always have something more, a true Italian Experience that talks to the heart.

Our best Offers

"Relax by the sea and Cilento food" 6 Days/5 Nights

Enogastronomic Tour "The Siren Coast" 8 days / 7 nights

TOUR "SannioVineyard Experience – Adopt a vineyard” 8 Day/7 Nights

TOUR "Ciociaria Shire Experience " 7 Days/6 Nights

Enchanted Places

Campania, the Italian way

Campania is our heart, a region that really has it all. If you like real

Be pour guest for a full italiane experience, from the hills to the sea!

Roma and Ciociaria

RVisiting the heart of Roman culture is an experience you will never forget.
And if you step away from the busy city, you find yourself in the
characteristic area of Ciociaria.

Trentino and Val di Fassa

Val di Fassa is one of the “tourist excellences” in Trentino, thanks to the splendid view of the Dolomites and the Ladin hospitality that offers hotels and apartments in characteristic locations to suit your every need.

Apulia and Salento

The sun, the sea, the wind: this is the catchphrase the local use to define Salento.
But it is only a small part of what you can find in the area, full of art and traditions.

Basilicata: Matera and much more

Basilicata is definitely known for Matera, the city elected UNESCO world heritage for its Sassi. You will feel like you are walking in a nativity, and do not forget the astonishing lakes you can find...

Calabria, a spicy region

Calabria is a Region where the sea is a predominant component, both the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian, and in the exact centre of this stripe of land, though, we find the Sila Mountains, that go up to 1900 mt asl. Imagine the variety of culture and food you can find in an area shaped like this one. But every meal has a king that dominates it: the spicy Calabrian pepper.

Sicily, land of Cyclopes

Sicily needs no presentations:

the area is known all over the world for history, landscapes, Roman and Greek heritage and, of course, food. And legends, if you want to hear them...

Umbria, the italian nature

Large valleys defined by rivers and Lake Trasimeno; a mountainous terrain which extends between woodland-covered hills and made unforgettable by the Marmore Waterfalls. All this and much more besides the Green Heart of Italy.

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